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About Box of Delights

Box of Delights was opened in the centre of Wotton just before lockdown by Jane Alvarez- Munoz a Painter/Sculptor who has collected miniature houses and furniture for over thirty years. The basic stock in the shop came from her collection, but nowadays they arrive from Auctions and often as Gifts from previous collectors who may be downsizing and wish their beloved houses to go to New Owners with a % going to a Charity of their choice!

“I love passing on the joy of the miniature world to others” says Jane. “There are houses, sheds, greenhouses and shops for all ages. Some are sturdy little places to house Sylvanian animals or Peg Dolls, while others are for collectors and are rather more fragile. As so many come to me as gifts to restore I can pass them on at very reasonable prices. As a child I loved making dens in the woods, any hole in a tree was a potential home for the ‘Little People’. My father encouraged me to make furniture out of matchboxes and corks, and to paint my own pictures for the walls, and stitch curtains for the windows of my little Triang house (I still have it). In the shop I have Room Boxes to start people off, if a house is too much for them, and Hope to restart workshops this winter to help them on their way. But a house that is already partly furnished , and that can be added to, is a great conversation piece in a room!”

“The name ‘Box of Delights’ comes from the book of that name by John Masefield (my son was in the TV film) I like to think it is a good name for a ‘Delightful’ shop! Do come and visit and tell me the stories of your houses, and what they mean to you! People have told me that during Lockdown their dolls houses kept them sane.  An area where they had total control during a time when they had none?”

A Bit of History

“Originally ‘Baby Houses’ as they were called, were made for educational purposes to show children how to run a Big House when they grew up. Some were simple and homemade, some were comissioned to architects and furnished by the cabinet makers and artists of the day. Holland and Germany led the way here, but, the dollshouse made for Queen Mary (which can be viewed at Windsor Castle) is one of the most magnificent! I was taken there by my grandmother when I ten, and I thought ‘when I grow up I want to live in this house’.  My little shop is the nearest I’ve come!”


Opening Hours

Email for an appointment and to arrange a mutually suitable time for a viewing. 

Open 10am – 2pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Other days by appointment. 

42 Long Street
GL12 7BT

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To make an enquiry, please email and please include your name and phone number to discuss your enquiry further. Alternatively, come and visit us in-person in Wotton-under-Edge.