House contents may change and can be configured at your request. To purchase a house, or enquire further, please email and include your name and phone number so we can discuss further.

Houses may not be updated immediately once sold and prices are provided here as guide so may change or be available for negotiation. 

h/1 Tudor-style House

A beautiful house: fully furnished by a knowledgeable collector. What a conversation piece! To share with family and friends.  Comes with a Lawn to the front (not shown) which needs landscaping and planting.


h/2 20s Bespoke

A modest house, handmade with love by ‘Uncle Arthur’ in 1926 for Joan, updated in 1955 (see handwritten note inside) What fun to refurbish and bring back to life!


h/3 Large Regency House (With Table)

A large bespoke family house (only 11in deep). Beautifully furnished and fully electrified. Just waiting for a new owner who can adopt the ‘hound in the hall’


h/4 Townhouse with Studio

Charming Town House for the discerning city dweller? With Penthouse artists Studio and Cat (on the hot tin roof) and two Dalmations. Small footprint will fit anywhere.


h/5 French Artist's House

French Artists House with artist at work and a ‘Poached’ pheasant on the kitchen table.

This is a back opening house on a Turntable. 

Price £150 o.n.o.

h/6 Hat Shop

This is gem of a shop by ‘Sid Cooke’ – a renowned maker.

‘Etcetera’ sells hats, shoes and handbags! A great meeting place for the Ladies!

This build can be converted to any kind of shop.


h/7 Townhouse with Games Room

Beautiful Georgian Townhouse. Fully furnished with an amazing Games Room with Snooker Table, Darts Board and Ship.  Man Cave or Family Room? You decide.

Price £350 o.n.o.

h/8 Pink Georgian

This pretty pink Georgian House is an early Sue Ryder model, half furnished and in great condition. Contains attic storage in the roof space (not shown).


h/9 Tea Room

A really unusual design with a shop space on the ground floor (fitted out as a Tea Room). NB: The kettle above the door! Also living quarters above. Good wallpaper and flooring, and full of charm. 

Price £280 o.n.o.

h/10 Basic First House

A basic first dolls house with wallpaper, flooring and Starter furniture. Ideal for three years onwards, can grow with the child. Has good quality, simple, playable furniture, and would suit Sylvanian or Peg dolls (or similar). Just waiting for the exterior to be painted!


h/11 Triang House

Charming Triang House with very flexible interior. Has a mix of 1/16th and 1/12th furniture, and is neatly wallpapered and carpeted. Two dolls included.

Price £80 o.n.o.

h/12 Basic Triang

Original small Triang House containing some very stylish and collectable Vintage furniture 1/16th scale. Needs decorating.

Price £80 o.n.o.

h/13 Triang with Red Door

Small Triang house, needs redecorating and some TLC before moving in. 1/16th furniture would fit best. A great little project!

Price £60 o.n.o.

h/14 Yellow Kit House

Yellow Kit House with some kit furniture. Lovely when lit from within with battery candles to look lived in. Christmas tree by the front door could be decorated? A really pretty little decorative house.   

Price £50 o.n.o.

h/15 Lantern Studio

A Lantern Studio showing artist and ‘life model’ but could be vacated? Mirrored back wall. A very versatile little space.  

Price £85 o.n.o.

h/16 Potting Shed

A well equipped Garden Shed, ideal for the keen gardener who has downsized? Or has a dollshouse in need of a potting shed/conservatory? 


h/17 Antique Shop

This stylish shop with living accommodation above, is at present an Antique Shop, but could be converted to any kind of shop at a later date? A Sid Cooke gem, so very collectible.  

Price £250 o.n.o.

h/18 Small 40s with Patio

Lilac Cottage has a definite Mediterranean vibe, with the balcony and the shady patio.

This unusual little 1/16th scale house is ideal for vintage furnishings, and it comes with some figures that look as if they are on holiday? Does need some interior decorating.


h/19 Princess' House

Now this house is rather special! It is a Triang copy of the scaled down cottage given to the princesses Elizabeth and Margaret by the people of Wales when they were six and four years old. Only six were produced at the time and this one is furnished with Barton and Dol Toi furniture from that period, with some later additions. 


h/20 Pink Corner Shop

One of the maker Sid Cooke’s charming corner Shops/ Gallery/Pubs? With room above. At present this shop is empty (it was a gallery) a wonderful small space to work with.


h/21 Yellow Corner Shop

Another Sid Cooke shop (I get them whenever I can find them!). At present it is a flower shop with a room/bedsit above. Lovely little place, sold as is. 


h/22 Tudor House and Market

This house is a real beauty: a large Tudor inspired building, beautifully made.  Furnished within for the period, with an enormous handcrafted Four Poster Bed in the Boudoir! Comes with a lovely lady.  Underneath the house is a Victorian Market full of fresh produce, customers plus bicycle and delivery boy! (House could be sold without the market)

A real Heirloom.


Other houses may be available. Contact us ( for more information.